X/XX/XXX Paper Reinforced Phenolic Laminate Tubes

Paper Phenolic Tubes

NEMA grades X, XX and XXX Paper Reinforced Phenolic has a typical natural color of light tan to brown. These grades are composed of a paper base impregnated with a phenolic resin binder. Phenolics are the oldest, best-known general purpose thermoset resins. They are among the lowest in cost and easiest to process. Phenolics are quite adequate for a fair percentage of electrical applications. Generally speaking, they are not equivalent to epoxies in resistance to moisture, humidity, dimensional stability, shrinkage and retention of electrical properties in extreme environments. The paper reinforced phenolic has good electric strength properties with fair mechanical strength and are outstanding as template material or back-up material.

NEMA X certs to MIL-I-24768/12 PBM, IEC 60893-3 Type 4 PF CP 201
NEMA XX certs to MIL-I-24768/11 PBG, IEC 60893-3 Type 4 PF CP 203
NEMA XXX certs to MIL-I-24768/10 PBE, IEC 60893-3 Type 4 PF CP 201
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Paper Phenolic Tubing Wall Sizes
.031" .062" .093" .125" .187"
.250" .375" .500" .750" 1.00"

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