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 G11 High Temperature Tubes Glass Reinforced Epoxy

Mil-I-24768/28 GEB-F

G11 Glass Reinforced Epoxy Tubes- natural (yellow green to amber)data-sheets/phenolics-technical-data.htm"> Technical Data Sheet
This grade is similar to G10/FR4, with the addition of a higher operating temperature and some improved mechanical strength at elevated temperatures.

The main difference between NEMA Grades G11 and FR5 is that FR5 is a fire retardant grade of G11. Therefore, FR5 can be safely substituted when G11 is called for, while G11 can never be substituted where FR5 is called for. NEMA G-11 certs to MIL-I-24768/3 GEB, IEC 60893-3 Type 2 EP GC 203; FR5 certifies to Mil-I-24768/28 GEB-F.
  Chemical Resistance Chart

G11 Sheets Rods


Click Here Available G11 Tube Sizes for:

.031" (1/32") Wall Thickness

.062" (1/16")Wall Thickness

.093" (3/32")Wall Thickness

.125" (1/8")Wall Thickness

.187" (3/16")Wall Thickness

.250" (1/4")Wall Thickness

.375" (1/4")Wall Thickness

.500" (1/4")Wall Thickness

.750" (1/4")WallThickness

1.00" (1/4")Wall Thickness (Max. Possible)