Polycarbonate GE Lexan Marguard II Sheets

This Lexan (R) Margard sheet has maximum toughness, with mar resistance approaching that of glass, and significantly improved resistance to weathering.
MR-10 sheet provides extended service life. It has excellent clarity and durability, it is lightweight, and is superior glazing material for institutions,
office buildings, stores, and more. It will withstand -40deg F to 270 deg F. Has a silicone hardcoat surface. It is non-formable and UV resistant. 
LEXAN MR10 sheet is mar- and graffiti-resistant. It combines the impact strength of LEXAN polycarbonate sheet with a proprietary abrasion
and UV-resistant MARGARD® II surface. It is warranted against yellowing, breakage, coating failure and loss of light transmission and offers
improved resistance to weathering and forced entry protection. It is useful for schools, store, transit shelters and other high-traffic areas.

 Lexan Polycarbonate MR10 Sheets

Bldg.Codes   BOCA 92-15    ICBO 3286    SBCCI 9418 (1)   Dade County  94-0203.02

CPSC:16     CFR 1201,1,11   ANSI Z97.1

Technical Data

Chemical Resistance Chart

Polycarbonate GE Lexan MR10 Sheet
 Standard tolerances estimated +/-10%.

All 48" x 96" Sheets Ship Freight

Thickness (in.) Length (in.) Width (in.) Color Part # Price Order Online
.125 24 48 Clear KS-2886 $368.34 Add to Order
.125 48 96 Clear KS-6501 $1,358.42 Add to Order
.188 24 48 Clear KS-2887 $471.88 Add to Order
.188 48 96 Clear KS-8851 $1,737.12 Add to Order
.236 24 48 Clear KS-2888 $580.60 Add to Order
.236 48 96 Clear KS-2898 $2,137.28 Add to Order
.375 24 48 Clear KS-2889 $941.74 Add to Order
.375 48 96 Clear KS-2119F $3,460.34 Add to Order
.500 24 48 Clear KS-2890 $1,148.22 Add to Order
.500 48 96 Clear KS-4115V $4,234.84 Add to Order
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