Torlon Polyamide-Imide Plastic Balls

Tolron Balls

Torlon 4203 extruded PAI offers excellent compressive strength and the highest elongation of the Torlon grades. It also provides electrical insulation and exceptional impact strength.

This grade is commonly used for electrical connectors and insulators due to its high dielectric strength. Torlon is the highest performing melt processable plastic.

It has superior resistance to elevated temperatures. It is capable of performing under severe stress conditions at continuous temperatures to 500°F (260°C).

Diameter (in.) Part # Pkg. Qty Pkg. Price Order Online
.125 KB-123 50 $36.65 Add to Order
.156 KB-124 50 $68.81 Add to Order
.187 KB-125 50 $70.91 Add to Order
.219 KB-265 25 $33.00 Add to Order
.250 KB-126 50 $71.40 Add to Order
.312 KB-127 25 $46.55 Add to Order
.375 KB-128 15 $44.31 Add to Order
.406 KB-266 10 $42.49 Add to Order
.500 KB-129 10 $47.81 Add to Order
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