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Polyurethane Round Rods  4.25" Dia to 12.00" Dia.

Polyurethane Rods

1.125" Dia - 2.00" Dia,  2.125" Dia to 4.00" Dia., 4.25" Dia to 12.00" Dia.

Polyurethane Cast Rod, 4.25" Dia to 12.00" Dia

4 ft standard length

Option Durometers / Color
A 40A, 60A, 80A, 90A, 95A, or 75D Black or Natural Tint 1 ft, 2ft, 3ft or 4 ft lengths
B 40A Yellow, 60A Black, 80A Orange, 90A Blue, 95A Red, 75D Brown, 43D Blue, 50D Red  (4 Ft Minimums)
C 50A Green, 60A Orange, 70A Yellow, 80A Blue, 90A Red, 95A Cream, 60D Brown, 75D Black
Diameter Inches Stock Order# Durometer/Colors Price Per Foot, 

Unless Noted

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4.25 KR-3125 C $161.80 Buy Now
4.50 KR-1179 B $190.0 Buy Now
4.75 KR-3126 C $202.20 Buy Now
5.00 KR-3127 C $204.80 Buy Now
5.00 KR-1180 B $318.69 Buy Now
5.50 KR-3128 C $216.80 Buy Now
6.00 KR-1181 B $449.44 Buy Now
6.00 KR-3129 C $235.80 Buy Now
6.50 KR-3130 C $276.80 Buy Now
7.00 KR-1182 C $321.00 Buy Now
8.00 KR-1183 B $382.00 Buy Now