Polyurethane Square and Rectangle Bars

We no longer offer this material in solid shapes. Refer to the table below for other options.

Urethane vs. Rubber: Greater load bearing capacity, higher abrasion, tear, oil, ozone, and radiation resistance. Less expensive to process.

Urethane vs. Plastic: Higher abrasion, impact, and radiation resistance. Better resilience, elastometer memory, and noise reduction. Lower coefficient of friction.

Urethane vs. Metal: Lighter weight, better noise reduction, resilience, and flexibility. Higher impact and corrosion resistance. Less expensive fabrication.

Some of the major advantages of urethane are non-compressibility, resiliency, and ability to form and hold metal without marring its surface finish. It behaves similar to a solid fluid with a memory; under force it will change its shape but its volume will remain constant. Urethane will produce high, uniform and continuous counter pressure under load. And, when the load is removed, quickly return to its original shape.

In addition, the urethane provides a unique combination of properties. These include:

• high load-bearing capacity
• toughness
• hardness
• abrasion resistance
• oil and ozone resistance

Polyurethane Property Data Sheet

Polyurethane Chemical Resistance

Polyurethane Bars