Polysulfone Hex Rods 

Rigid transparent plastic with excellent steam resistance that is autoclavable and FDA compliant.


•Medical trays

•Dairy equipment

Polysulfone Hex Rod is used in medical
applications since it is autoclavable.

Technical Data Sheet

Polysulfone Hex Rod

Tolerance across Flats +-.005

10' Standard Lengths, Cut to 5' Lengths for Shipping.

Width Across Flats (in.) Part # Price Per Foot Minimum Order (ft.) Order Online
0.375 KHR-115 $19.19 10 Add to Order
0.750 KHR-118 $41.83 10 Add to Order
1.00 KHR-119 $55.51 10 Add to Order
1.25 KHR-120 $72.77 10 Add to Order
1.50 KHR-121 $121.16 5 Add to Order
1.75 KHR-122 $172.35 5 Add to Order
2.00 KHR-123 $218.63 5 Add to Order
Physical Properties
Density 0.0448 lb/in³ ASTM D792
Water Absorption 0.30% 24 hrs.; ASTM D570
Mechanical Properties    
Hardness, Rockwell R 120 ASTM D785
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 10100 psi ASTM D638
Elongation at Break 50.0 - 100 % ASTM D638
Tensile Modulus 360 ksi ASTM D638
Flexural Modulus 392 ksi 1% Secant; ASTM D790
Flexural Yield Strength 15400 psi ASTM D790
Coefficient of Friction 0.37 Dynamic, 40 psi, 50 fpm; ASTM D3702
Izod Impact, Notched 1.29 ft-lb/in ASTM D256
Electrical Properties    
Electrical Resistivity 5.00e+16 ohm-cm ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 3.1 60 Hz, 50% RH; ASTM D150
Dielectric Constant, Low Frequency 3.1 60 Hz, 50% RH; ASTM D150
Dielectric Strength 419 kV/in ASTM D149
Dissipation Factor 0.001 60 Hz; ASTM D150
Thermal Properties    
CTE, linear 20°C 31.0 µin/in-°F ASTM D696
Maximum Service Temperature, Air 286 °F Long Term
Deflection Temperature at 0.46 MPa (66 psi) 358°F ASTM D648
Deflection Temperature at 1.8 MPa (264 psi) 345 °F ASTM D648
Flammability, UL94 V-O ASTM D648

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