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PEEK Tubing

PEEK tubing provides excellent chemical resistance combined with heat resistance to 480° F. Used in steam or boiling water applications,

PEEK experiences no significant decline in its properties.  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Ratings and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliant and U.S. Department of

Agriculture (USDA) Compliant and 3A Sanitary Standards (3A) Compliant.



•High pressure liquid/gas chromatography parts

•Chemical pump gears & wear plates

•Plasma arc torch bodies

•Insulators & connectors

•Steam cleaning equipment

•Automotive manual

•Transmission thrust washers
PEEK is used in harsh applications
in the Chromatography industry.

  Peek Tubing

PEEK Tubing , Polyetheretherketone

Note Some Diameters are 3-4 Wk Lead time to mold.

O.D. Inches I.D. Inches Wall Inches Stock Order# Price Lengths Purchase Online
.062 .005 .029 KM-5294 $3.68/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.062 .007 .028 KM-5282 $3.82/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.062 .010 .026 KM-5272 $3.86/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.062 .020 .021 KM-5284 $3.56/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.062 .031 .016 KM-5285 $3.12/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.062 .040 .011 KM-1141Q $1.71/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.077 .062 .008 KM-1141W $2.55/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.125 .062 .031 KM-5286 $13.78/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.125 .080 .027 KM-1141Z $3.78/ft 25 ft Buy Now
.125 .093 .016 KM-1141Y $3.47/ft 25 ft Buy Now