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Flexaust® Heat-Flex™ Vest Insulated Dryer Hose, Air/Fume

Inner layer is a double ply silicone coated fiberglass fabric and the outer layer is a single ply neoprene coated polyester fabric with one inch in fiberglass insulation (R-Value =4). Excellent external abrasion and chemical resistance, combines flexibility with minimal heat loss.  Suited for air handling applications at low positive & low negative pressures.

Applications: Recommended for air handling applications at low positive and low negative pressures and fume control applications, Aerospace, Aluminum Refractory, Brick Kilns, Chemical Plants, Cold Air Supply, Diesel/Engine Exhaust, Exhaust Systems, Foundries, Fume Exhaust, Garage Exhaust,  Glass Drying, Heater, High Temperature Applications, Insulated Dryer Hose, Plastics Industry, Safety Equipment, Ventilation 

Heat-Flex™ Vest Insulated Dryer Hos

Flexible Insulated Dryer Hose w/Spring Steel Wire Helix, 12' Lengths
Inner Layer Temp range -65º/+550º F, Outer Layer -40º/+250º F
Stock # ID Compression Ratio (Ft:In) Max Neg Pressure (in/hg) Min Bend Radius  Price Purchase Online
KH-1686 1.00" 2.5:1 29" 2.00" $403.18 Buy Now
KH-1700 1.50" 2.5:1 29" 2.50" $449.96 Buy Now
KH-1688 2.00" 2.5:1 29" 3.00" $530.94 Buy Now
KH-1677 2.50" 2.5:1 29" 3.50" $577.50 Buy Now
KH-1690 3.00" 2.5:1 29" 4.00" $623.78 Buy Now
KH-1691 6.00" 2:01 27" 5.50" $969.62 Buy Now


ID Tol. -0/+.125"


Flexaust® is a registered Trademark of Schauenburg Company