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Flexaust® Flex-Lok® Double Ply Silicone Coated Exhaust Hose SF-2, Fume

This exhaust duct hose has fabric locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip formed into a clip that acts as a wearstrip providing outstanding external abrasion resistance. It is extremely compressible and flexible.

Applications: Recommended for Fume Control Applications, Aircraft, Automotive, Brick Kilns, Cold Air Supply, Defroster/Heater Hose, Diesel/Engine Exhaust, Foundries, Fume Exhaust, Garage Exhaust, Heater, High Temperature Applications, Jet Fuel Vapor Venting, Plastics Industry, Pollution Control, Rocket Support Duct, Tractor Pull Exhaust, Vapor Recovery Hose, Vehicle Exhaust Systems, Welding

Double Ply Silicone Coated Fiberglass Exhaust Hose

Double Ply Silicone Coated Fiberglass Exhaust Hose
Mechanically Crimped in a Continuous Process, Silver, 25' Lengths, Temp range -65º/+750º F
Stock # ID Compression Ratio (Ft:In) Max Neg Pressure (in/hg) Max Pos Pressure (PSI) Min Bend Radius  Price Purchase Online
KH-1525 3.00" 6:01 4.10" 11.11 2.25" $775.00 Buy Now
KH-1526 4.00" 6:01 3.20" 5.86 3.00" $930.00 Buy Now
KH-1527 5.00" 6:01 3" 4.7 3.50" $1,090.00 Buy Now
KH-1528 6.00" 6:01 2.80" 3.93 4.00" $1,175.00 Buy Now
KH-1529 8.00" 8:01 2.50" 3.67 5.50" $1,435.00 Buy Now
KH-1530 10.00" 8:01 2" 2.94 7.00" $1,780.00 Buy Now
KH-1440 12.00" 8:01 1.50" 2.46 8.50" $2,110.00 Buy Now



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