Flexaust® Dayflex® MG-V, Reinforced PVC Hose for Air/Fume/Dust/Material

Lightweight, flexible and good chemical resistance Popular choice for floor care industry and general industrial or household vacuum applications. Cuffs available.

Applications: Recommended for Industrial Air Movement, Fume Control, Dust Control and Light Bulk Material Handling Applications, Cab Ventilation, Circuit Board Cooling, Flight Simulators, Helmet Ventilation, Household Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Pet Grooming Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Sprayers, Stretch Hose

PVC Hose

Reinforced PVC  Hose, Vinyl Coated Spring Steel Wire Helix, Gray 

Temp range -10°/+160°F, Compression Ratio 1.6:1, Max. Neg. Pressure 29 in/hg, Max. Pos. Pressure 15 PSI

Part # ID Length Min Bend Radius Price Order Online
KH-1696 .750" 50' .875" $161.70 Add to Order
KH-1697 1.00" 50' 1.000" $171.50 Add to Order
KH-1698 1.25" 50' 1.250" $227.85 Add to Order
KH-1689 1.50" 50' 1.625" $259.70 Add to Order
KH-1687 2.00" 50' 2.300" $361.38 Add to Order
Rev. 06-21


Screw Cuffs Connectors - Aluminum



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