Flexaust Act Hoses, Garage Exhaust

Ideal for carbon monoxide exhaust applications, diesel and gas trucks. Wire insert prevents kinking.

Lightweight, resistant to heat, aging, gas & oil fumes.

Garage Exhaust hose

Rubber Garage Hoses with Wire Reinforcement, Black
Part # ID Length Price Per Length Order Online
KH-2056 2.00" 11' $263.03 Add to Order
KH-2055 2.50" 11' $277.66 Add to Order
KH-2054 3.00" 11' $317.20 Add to Order
KH-2053 4.00" 11' $495.98 Add to Order
KH-2043 5.00" 11' $912.43 Add to Order
KH-2051 6.00" 11' $1,176.88 Add to Order
Rev. 06-21


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