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Fluorosint® 500 Plastic Rod

Continuous use temperatures to 500°F (260°C). Fluorosint’s unique properties are the result of a proprietary process in which synthetically manufactured mica is chemically linked to PTFE.

This bonding results in properties not normally attainable in reinforced PTFE. Fluorosint grades offer an excellent combination of low frictional properties and dimensional stability.  Synthetic Mica filled.

Fluorosint 500 has nine times greater resistance to deformation under load than unfilled PTFE (tested according to ASTM D 621; stress of 14 MPa of 50°C). Its coefficient of linear thermal expansion approaches the expansion rate of aluminium and is 1/5 that of virgin PTFE. It is considerably harder than virgin PTFE, has better wear characteristics and maintains low frictional properties. Fluorosint 500 is also non-abrasive to most mating materials.

Flurosint® 500 Plastic Rod :  

Fluorosint Tubes

Technical Data Sheet

Lead Times May Apply on some Diameters

Diameter Stock Number Cost per Foot Purchase Online
.500 KR-2886 $73.54 Buy Now
.750 KR-2885 $82.73 Buy Now
1.000 KR-2884 $112.34 Buy Now
1.250 KR-2883 $169.70 Buy Now
1.500 KR-2882 $230.52 Buy Now
1.750 KR-2881 $331.26 Buy Now
2.000 KR-2880 $375.80 Buy Now
2.500 KR-2911 $618.52 Buy Now
2.750 KR-2934 $720.48 Buy Now
3.000 KR-2908 $789.40 Buy Now
3.500 KR-2928 $1150.20 Buy Now
3.750 KR-2829 $1221.48 Buy Now
4.000 KR-2830 $1307.88 Buy Now
4.250 KR-2931 $1479.16 Buy Now
4.500 KR-2841 $1640.14 Buy Now
4.750 KR-2833 $1820.34 Buy Now
5.000 KR-2926 $2087.24 Buy Now
5.500 KR-2935 $2488.00 Buy Now
6.000 KR-2936 $2929.40 Buy Now
7.000 KR-2937 $3862.94 Buy Now
8.000 KR-2938 $4932.00 Buy Now
8.750 KR-2939 $5828.66 Buy Now

Diameters OD Tolerances Inch Standard Length Feet
1/2" to 3/4" +/-.001" 4 Feet
1.00" to 1.25" +.010"/-.000" 4 Feet
1.50" to 4.75" +.125"/-0.00" 1 Foot
over 5.00" +.250/-0.00 1 Foot

Note:  Shipping charges will apply to all orders, and will vary depending on Customer ship to location, pricing does not reflect shipping charges