Property Method Unit Value
Specific Gravity, 73°F D792   1.42
Tensile Strength, 73°F D638 psi 18,000
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity, 73°F D638 psi 800,000
Elongation, 73°F D638 % 2.0
Flexural Strength, 73°F D790 psi 30,000
Flexural Modulus, 73°F D790 psi 1,300,000
Compressive Strength, 10% Def., 73°F D695 psi 25,000
Compressive Modulus of Elasticity, 73°F D695 psi 550,000
Hardness, Rockwell, Scale as noted, 73°F D785   M97 (R125)
Hardness, Durometer, Shore D scale, 73°F D2240   D86
Izod Impact (notched), 73°F D256 Type A ft-lb/in 1.4
Coefficient of Friction (Dry vs Steel) Dynamic PTM55007   0.24
Limiting PV, 73°F PTM55007 psi-fpm 41,000
k (wear) factor PTM55010   160
Coefficient of linear Thermal Expansion E-831(TMA) in/in/°F 1.70x10ˆ-5
Deflection Temperature 264 psi D648 °F 450
Melting Point (crystalline) peak D3418 °F 644
Continuous Service Temperature in Air (Max.)   °F 480
Thermal Conductivity   BTU-in/(hr-ft²°F) 6.37
Surface Resistivity EOS/ESD S11.11 Ohm/square >10ˆ5
Acids, Weak, 73°F/23°C, acetic acid, dilute hydrochloric or sulfuric Acceptable Service
Acids, Strong, 73°F/23°C, conc. hydrochloric or sulfuric Limited Service
Alkalies, Weak, 73°F/23°C, dilute ammonia or sodium hydroxide Acceptable Service
Alkalies, Strong, 73°F/23°C, conc. ammonia or sodium hydroxide Acceptable Service
Hydrocarbons-Aromatic, 73°F/23°C, benzene, toluene Acceptable Service
Hydrocarbons-Aliphatic, 73°F/23°C, gasoline, hexane, grease Acceptable Service
Ketones, Esters, 73°F/23°C, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone Acceptable Service
Ethers, 73°F/23°C, diethyl ether, tetrahydrofuran Acceptable Service
Chlorinated Solvents, 73°F/23°C, methylene chloride, chloroform Acceptable Service
Alcohols, 73°F/23°C, methanol, ethanol, anti-freeze Acceptable Service
Inorganic Salt Solutions, 73°F/23°C, sodium chloride, potassium cyanate Acceptable Service
Continuous Sunlight, 73°F/23°C Acceptable Service
Water Absorption Immersion, 24 hr D570 % 0.15
Water Absorption Immersion, Sat. D570 % 0.50
Outgassing TML (Total Mass Loss) E595 % 0.30
CVCM (Collected Volatile Condensable Material) E595 % 0.00
WVR (Water Vapor Regained) E595 % 0.00
UL94     V-0