Fiberglass Technical Data

Tensile Stress, LW D638 PSI 30,000
Tensile Stress, CW D638 PSI 7,000
Tensile Modulus, LW D638 PSI 2,500,000
Tensile Modulus, CW D638 PSI 800000
Compressive Stress, LW D695 PSI 30,000
Compressive Stress, CW D695 PSI 15,000
Compressive Modulus, LW D695 PSI 2,500,000
Compressive Modulus, CW D695 PSI 1,000,000
Flexural Stress, LW D790 PSI 30,000
Flexural Stress, CW D790 PSI 10,000
Flexural Modulus, LW D790 PSI 1,600,000
Flexural Modulus, CW D790 PSI 800,000
Modulus of Elasticity Full Section PSI 2,600,000
Parallel Compressive Shear Stress LW D3846 PSI 3000
Shear Modulus, LW ----------- PSI 425000
Short Beam Shear, LW D2344 PSI 4,500
Bearing Stress, LW D953 PSI 30,000
Poisson's Ratio, LW D3039 in/in 0.33
Notched Izod Impact, LW D256 ft-lbs/in 25
Notched Izod Impact, CW D256 ft-lbs/in 4
Notched Izod Impact, CW D256 J/mm 0.214
Hardness D2583   45m
24 hr Water Absorbtion D570 % Max 0.6
Density D792 lbs/in3 .062-.070
Coefficiant of Thermal Expansion, LW D696 10-6 in/in°F 4.4
Thermal Conductivity C177 Btu-in/hr- ft 2 -ºF 4
Arc Resistance, LW D495 Seconds 120
Dielectric Strength, LW D149 KV/in 35
Dielectric Strength, PF D149 volts/mil 200
Flammability  1/16" UL94   VO
Tunnel Test E-84   25 Max
NBS Smoke Chamber E-662   650-700