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Cycolac EX75

Physical Nominal Values  (English)  Test Method
  Density -Specific Gravity   1.04   sp gr 23/23°C   ASTM D792
  Mold Shrink, Linear-Flow (0.125 in)   0.0050 to 0.0070   in/in   ASTM D955
Mechanical Nominal Values  (English)  Test Method
  Tensile Modulus    310000   psi   ASTM D638
  Tensile Strength @ Yield   5800   psi   ASTM D638
  Tensile Strength @ Break   4800   psi   ASTM D638
  Tensile Elongation @ Yld   2.4   %   ASTM D638
  Tensile Elongation @ Brk   43   %   ASTM D638
  Flexural Modulus (2.00 in Span )   349000   psi   ASTM D790
  Flexural Strength @ Yield (2.00 in Span )   10600   psi   ASTM D790
Impact Nominal Values  (English)  Test Method
  Notched Izod Impact (73 °F)   7.90   ft-lb/in   ASTM D256
  Instrumented Dart Impact (73 °F)   Total Energy: 310   in-lb   ASTM D3763
Thermal Nominal Values  (English)  Test Method
  DTUL @264psi - Unannealed (0.125 in)   180   °F   ASTM D648
  DTUL @66psi - Unannealed (0.125 in)   202   °F   ASTM D648
  Vicat Softening Point (Rate B)   224   °F   ASTM D1525
  CLTE, Flow (-40 to 100°F)   4.4E-005   in/in/°F   ASTM D696
  CLTE, Transverse (-40 to 100°F)   4.5E-005   in/in/°F   ASTM D696