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Polycarbonate Technical Data

Property ASTM Method Units Results
Specific Gravity D-792   1.2
Refractive Index D-542   1.586
Light Transmittance D-1003 % 85-91
Haze D-1003 % 0.5-2.0
Tensile Strength D-638    
     Ultimate D-638 psi 9,500
Yield D-638 psi 8,400
        Elongation D-638 % 100
Tensile Modulus D-638 psi 340,000
Flexural Strength D-790 psi 13,500
Flexural Modulus D-790 psi 340,000
Compressive Strength (0.05*/minute) D-695 psi 12,500
Impact Strength
Izod (1/8" notched) D-256 ft-lbs/ 16
Rockwel Hardness D-785   R118
Shear Strength D-732 psi 5,800
Temperature Range      
Dry Air   250°F-270°F  
Water   140°F  
RH Air   100%  
Heat Deflection Temperature      
                  Under Load, 264 psi D-648 °F 275
                                       66 psi D-648 °F 285
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion D-696 in/in/°F 3.8 x 10-5
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity C-177 BTU/hr/sq. ft/ 1.35
Specific Heat   BTU/lb/°F 0.3
Water Absorption (24 hrs at 73°F)* D-570 % 0.15
Dielectric Constant D-149 volts/mil 380 @ 25°C
                   Test at .125" Thick     450 @ 100°C
Dielectric Constant D-150    
60Hz     2.9
            1,000,000 Hz     2.9
Volume Resistivity at 23°C D-257 ohm/cm 1016
*Test performed on .125" thick specimens; all other test specimens were .250" thick