Cast Nylon Rods

Natural Cast Nylon offers the excellent abrasion resistance, and dimensionally stable qualities inherent of all cast nylon grades. In addition, conforms to US F.D.A 21CFR177.1500 making it ideal for components in the Food Processing Industry


Monomer cast polyamide produced without the inclusion of any additives, fillers, lubricants or colorants. 

Nylon Cast Rod

Density: 1.14 g/cm3
Impact Strength: 9.0 KJ/m2
Tensile Strength: 90 MPa (N/mm2)
Shore D Hardness: 80-85
Compressive Strength: 120 MPa (N/mm2)
Coefficient of Friction: 0.25-0.45 on Steel
Flexural Strength: 110MPa (N/mm2)
Continuous Operating Temp: -80 to +120oC

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