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Acrylic Sheet Acrylite® Op2


Acrylite® OP2 is

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ACRYLITE® OP-2 acrylic sheet filters out 98% of the UV-range of light (200-400 nanometers) and offers excellent light transmission in the visible range between 400 and 700 nanometers. ACRYLITE® OP-2 sheet’s proprietary technology eliminates the objectionable “yellow tint” evident in other UV-filtering products. Easily fabricated, it can be thermoformed, cold-formed, screen printed and painted. 

For your conservation needs, ACRYLITE OP-2 cell cast continuously manufactured acrylic sheet provide unsurpassed protection from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light rays.  These unique products are specifically designed with Envonik’s proprietary technology to ensure exceptional UV protection, excellent optical quality and clarity.  These properties, combined with ACRYLITE sheet’s impact resistance and ease of fabrication have established ACRYLITE OP-2 sheet as the standard for UV protection in the framing, conservation and museum markets. Because it filters out 98% of the harmful ultraviolet light portion of sunlight, it is used for display cases and protective glazing, primarily by museums, galleries and private collections.

ACRYLITE® OP-1 acrylic sheet is a UV transmitting, cell cast sheet that is usually used for instrument applications. It contains no additives or stabilizers and, therefore, should not be used in applications where resistance to degradation from long term exposure to UV light is an issue.
ACRYLITE® OP-4 acrylic sheet it a UV transmitting, cell cast sheet. The difference between ACRYLITE® OP-4 sheet and ACRYLITE® OP-1 sheet is that ACRYLITE® OP-4 sheet contains thermal stabilizers, making it more more suitable for applications requiring resistance to degradation from long term exposure to UV light. ACRYLITE® OP-4 is used in appliations such as sun tanning beds and terreriums. It transmits 70 percent or more of the available ultra-violet light in the 340 nanometer range.

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